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Choose one or all by clicking on the Register Now and follow the prompts. Targeted at families with young children (geared to the 4 to 10 year olds), these  events are self discovery, fun and practical…a great Sunday morning for the whole family and a good way for grandparents to introduce their kids to our natural environment. A gold coin donation is requested. For more info contact Diane on 0406 605 700.


May 27:  Taking Action for Turtles. 10 a.m. to 12 Noon. Power Memorial Park, Mudjimba Esplanade

June 10: Exploring Rockpools. 10 – 11 a.m. Point Arkwright, Yaroomba, Coolum Beach

July 29: Discovering Trees and Bug Hunt. 10 to 11:30 a.m. Come early to help plant trees. Cinnamon Ave, Coolum Beach.

2018 has been a great year for Birdwings with increased sightings all across Queensland, largely due to the efforts of amazing volunteers.

If you would like to read more about these amazing creatures and what has been going on, including a useful list of nectar plants for butterflies, you can check these out over on our Richmond Birdwing Butterfly page here.

The 2018 Autumn Edition Coolum & North Shore Coast Care ‘s quarterly newsletter is out now! There has been a whole lot going on with Turtles over the last few months with Coast Care having the busiest turtle season on record and the newsletter reflects as much. Additionally, there are great articles on the environment, a new recycling program, a fantastic photo series and more!

Thanks once again to all our amazing volunteers and contributors to the newsletter that give significant amounts of their time and effort on our dunes, beaches and natural areas continuing the protection of our local environment. If there are any features, feedback (positive and/or constructive), suggestions or things you would like to see in the next edition, please send your comments to

And as always, we are always looking for contributions to our next Newsletter. The next edition will be our Winter Edition coming out around June-July. Submissions for content are due by the 15 June. If you have attended a Coast Care event or relevant environmental function, have a great picture or story of the Coast, or have musings or something else to share, send them in to us at and you might see your article in our next edition!



We have started the monumental task of turning our turtle nesting data from a collection of dull numbers into more useful information.

Mapping our turtle nests is a vital part of this process. And this season has been a record year for us, with 46 nests – a huge increase over our previous years of monitoring. Our turtle team has certainly been kept busy – and those mum Loggerhead and Green turtles may sneak in a few more before the end of the season!

It is always interesting to see the nests on a map – to see which beaches are most popular and which are less so.

And the evidence is very clear – turtles prefer to nest on darker beaches!

Check out the gap in front of the highrises at Marcoola – and note that this is ALL of our nests in this area, for ALL of the 11 seasons that we have been monitoring, right up to today!

We have never had a nest in front of the highrises … not one.

It’s that time of year again for another edition of the quarterly CaNSCC newsletter. We wanted to get the newsletter out before the Christmas Holidays this year and so, some holiday magic and the sweat of a few Christmas elves later, we have managed to get this out to you for some timely festive reading and cheer!

We hope you find the latest edition of the Jetsam Newsletter interesting and full of stories about some of the Coast Care activities undertaken over the last few months. A sincere thanks to all our members who took the time to send in an article for the newsletter and for all our volunteers in general that contribute to the organisation in little and big ways. It is your efforts that make CaNSCC what it is. Now sit back and relax with your drink of choice and enjoy the latest edition of Jetsam.


Wednesday 15 November 2017

Come along to an information night where local Community Organisations will help inform the community about how the Sekisui “Yaroomba Beach” development will affect the area under the current development proposal…and what you can do about it.

1. Sunshine Coast Environment Council

2. Development Watch on 2014 Planning Scheme, what Sekisui really want to do to Yaroomba and the conflicts with the Scheme

3. Coast Care on Threat to Endangered Species “Sea Turtles”

4. Development Watch Superior Outcome for Tourism, the Environment and the Community

Wrap Up. Sunshine Coast Environment Council


Tuesday 28th November
Did you know that marine turtles visit our beaches every summer to nest? Do you walk your local beach regularly?

Come and learn about Turtle tracks, Turtle nests, Hatchlings and Strandings, from the Turtle team at Coolum & North Shore Coast Care.

6:30 pm in the Ross Bartlett Room.
Tea and Coffee provided.