Current Issues & Threats

We will keep you updated with current known issues and threats to our coastal area. Being part of a larger ecosystem, we also include other issues in the greater South East Queensland region.

Current known issues & threats

  •  Deleterious Effects of Artificial Light on Marine Turtles Numerous studies conducted in Australia and other countries have demonstrated that artificial light negatively impacts on marine turtles, both female adults as they come and go from their home beach to lay eggs, and to turtle hatchlings as they seek out the way to the ocean. Read a summary of current knowledge in this paper prepared in April 2015: Artificial Light has Deleterious Effects on Marine Turtles.

ACTION ALERT - If you see any of the following immediately contact:

Queensland Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry: Ph: 13 25 23

Sunshine Coast Council: Ph: 1300 00 7272

  • Dob in a Fox!

Report ALL fox sightings by using the above contacts. Foxes dig up turtles nests and can kill hatchlings. Foxes are not native to Australia and are a huge threat to any ground dwelling birds, reptiles and small mammals. Download the most recent Fact Sheet on foxes. if you are interested in assisting with fox monitoring see local information.

  • Feral Birds: Indian Mynah:

Observation of the non-native Indian Mynah in the Coolum area should be reported to the Sunshine Coast Council as they will undertake a trapping program. The Mynah is aggressive and competes with native birds and animals for hollow log homes. The Indian Mynah is not to be confused with the noisy Miner which is an Australian native bird. For more info visit Common Indian Myna website