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A call for help from new volunteers by the Twin Waters Dune Protection Group for their working bees on the third Monday morning of each month. All are welcome. For more information please contact Sue by email twinwatersduneprotectiongroup@hotmail.com or MS 0402113375. A big congratulation to this group having had their first weeding held on Monday 16th June.

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Check out the Ecoflick created by two of our members to highlight the importance of our dunes and the plants that hold them in place – watch the short 5 minute film here.

The film won second place against some other great short films in the 2013 Ecoflicks competition – congratulations Birte and Diane!


Group Weed Yerranya April 2014 Diane G   Weekly working bees are held on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.   To find your local Dunal Regenerators and Bush Care Group please see the following:   [Click to read more…]

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Such a beautiful bird. (Debbie Johnson tells of her experience in finding this vulnerable bird species, a few weekends ago.)

Susie Chapman of SEQ Chapman had been in my office on the weekend telling me that a local had sighted the Eastern Ground parrot from beach access 106 at Marcoola.

I had never heard of this particular bird and ‘googled’ it for some background as Susie explained a little of its habitat etc.

The next morning just after sunrise my husband and I were jogging towards Mudjimba along the David Low Way and I was telling him all about this parrot.

On our way back to Marcoola we were crossing the driveway out of the 7 Eleven and there on the concrete driveway was the parrot right at our feet.

I couldn’t believe it.

The bird was unfortunately already dead and yet appeared completely unmarked/harmed.

We brought the bird  back home to photograph and send to Susie for confirmation.

Susie collected it today on behalf of the university.


For what it’s worth, since finding the parrot on Monday morning I have had two different locals maintain that they have seen this parrot.

One lady, who lives along David Low Way at Marcoola believes that she has seen this bird near her home, she thought that it appeared about this time each year. Similarly another resident believes that he has seen it on Mt Coolum.

(Thank you Debbie for your story and photo below).


Ground Parrot Debbie Johnson

2013-05 CDCCG Newsletter – Issue 7