Local Beasties

CDCCG had this photograph below, capturing a Cat in Local Bushland with Wren in mouth,

in the above competition,

organised through Matt Dineen and Edwin Hammet.

Bad Cat

The photo  below of a Wedge-tailed Eagle competing with a fox

over carrion, won the 2013 Feral Pest Photo Competition.

To view the entries of the Competition Categories and

winners, please click on the below document.

 2013 Feral Photos Competition Winners – photo gallery PDF

eagle fly over fox photo


For more details about the story behind the below

Wedge-tailed Eagle preying on a fox, go to:

http://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-12-05/eagle-preys-on-live-fox/5138416 .

Eagle and fox WA

In March and April 2012, we commissioned a survey of the fauna that live in and travel through an approximately 2km stretch of the fore dune area of Marcoola. The survey was conducted by Faunawatch. Results can be found here.

Faunawatch also undertook a survey of a similar sized area at Yaroomba in September 2011. Results of that survey can be found here. A list of the species identified in this survey can be found here.

In spring 2012, Faunawatch surveyed the stretch of dunes between Stumers Creek and the Lions Park, in Coolum. We have just received the results of this survey – they can be viewed here.

An interesting article about the impact of marine debris, such as abandoned fishing nets and plastic rubbish, on our marine animals, and turtles in particular … click here.

If you would like to read the full research paper, check it out here.

Ever wondered what the Coolum area coral reefs look like? To learn about recent research on the coral reefs of the Sunshine Coast and see some stunning photography visit the NICA website. The page contains some articles and short films about the state of our local reefs. The are excellent educational material, and well worth viewing.