July 5, 2017

Launch of Pandanus Heritage Booklet!

During NAIDOC Week on Friday 7th, an official launch will be held of the digital booklet titled:


A stunning coastal icon of our headlands and dunes, the Pandanus tree has been the focus of a project to celebrate its cultural significance and to support its conservation in our region. Unitywater’s Community Sponsorship Program has funded this initiative enabling Coolum & North Shore Coast Care to work with KabiKabi Traditional Owners, historian Dr Ray Kerkhove and Pandanus dieback mitigation expert, Joel Fostin.


Together, they have documented the extent and the many traditional uses of the Pandanus species and its ‘breadfruit’. Recent community information workshops have focused on the impacts of the leafhopper pest and the mitigation measures needed to preserve this unique species and save the Pandanus on our coasts. The leafhopper pest made its way to the Sunshine Coast around twenty years ago from North Queensland, most likely through the transport of nursery stock. Since then, it has made its home in our local Pandanus causing the development of crown rot, a condition, which if left untreated, can kill the Pandanus and cause ‘dieback’ in populations.

If you would like to learn more about some of the amazing historical uses and Aboriginal heritage values of the Pandanus, download a copy of the electronic book here.

For more information about the project, please contact Tony Gibson on  0419791860

Article written by Erin Horkings
Coolum and North Shore Coast Care is a not for profit Association formed to protect the coastal environment and its flora and fauna, and to maintain the natural state of this gorgeous part of the world we are lucky to live in.

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