Feral Animal Photograph Competition 2013 – winning entries….

December 15, 2013

in Feral Foxes, Local Beasties, Pests and diseases

CDCCG had this photograph below, capturing a Cat in Local Bushland with Wren in mouth,

in the above competition,

organised through Matt Dineen and Edwin Hammet.

Bad Cat

The photo  below of a Wedge-tailed Eagle competing with a fox

over carrion, won the 2013 Feral Pest Photo Competition.

To view the entries of the Competition Categories and

winners, please click on the below document.

 2013 Feral Photos Competition Winners – photo gallery PDF

eagle fly over fox photo


For more details about the story behind the below

Wedge-tailed Eagle preying on a fox, go to:

http://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-12-05/eagle-preys-on-live-fox/5138416 .

Eagle and fox WA

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