Local Beauties

2013-05 CDCCG Newsletter – Issue 7

Shearwater birds will be travelling down the the coast on their annual migration. Unfortunately, some birds are unable to complete their migration, dying of exhaustion along the way, and washing up on our beaches.

Did you know that some Shearwaters nest on Mudjimba Island every year?

Queensland Parks and Wildlife will be undertaking a leg banding program on shearwaters nesting on Mudjimba Island – for information about the leg banding program, look here.

If you find a shearwater washed up on the beach, and it has a leg band, please retrieve the band if possible, and contact QPWS on 07 5459 6110.

What is a king tide and why do they occur? What impact do they have on our beaches? What is our development of a built environment doing to our coastal dunes?

For answers to these questions, and more information about how coastal processes work to preserve and replenish the coastal zone, check out the information on our Issues page – here.